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Family Support

Looking After Yourself

  • Be good to yourself (for example, schedule time out and away)
  • Let go of guilt and shame. The family did not cause the illness
  • Do not be afraid or ashamed to acknowledge that you are a relative of a person with a mental illness. This is the first step in removing the stigma often attached to mental illness
  • Maintain friendships and outside interests
  • Keep your sense of humour and donít be discouraged by temporary setbacks. Recovery is full of uncertainty as situations change
  • Learn from and enjoy the support of others who have family members with a mental illness
  • It is okay to look for counselling for yourself. The stress of living with a family member with a mental illness is often difficult to cope with

Family Services

The Mental Health Network of Chatham-Kent is your resource for education, information, support and most importantly HOPE!

You Deserve Support

You will receive education to stop the stigma and dispel the myths surrounding mental illness and its impact on the family.

You and your family will receive peer support from others who understand the stress of living with someone with a serious mental illness.

We will advocate for you and your family on both individual and organizational related issues.

We co-operate and network with existing relevant family groups and mental health organizations.

You Deserve Answers

You can express your feelings about being a family member or a friend of someone with a mental illness and have an opportunity to talk with others in the same situation. The support groups offer you a combination of peer support and education.

Various topics include:

You Deserve Understanding